So Many Choices…

Earlier in the year I asked the students to complete a multiple intelligences inventory to help them identify their areas of interest and strengths. Today one student commented on their results. “I’ve got a three way tie!” followed by “Is that a good thing?”

Multipotentiality has many benefits as well as challenges. A child who is interested in many things tends to do well in most subject areas and have many activities that they enjoy. It may also cause some difficulties when it comes time to make choices between extracurricular activities and subject options. A child who wants to do it all can struggle with decision making or burn out as they try to do it all. When it comes to deciding what course(s) to take for career preparation it can be very difficult.

Exposing them early to career planning is just one way to begin helping them define who they are and what will make them happy as adults. For more information about this, click here.


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