Beyond Destination ImagiNation

I have been busy since the tournament, talking to appraisers, managers and students about their experience with the program. The feedback has been very positive. Most can see the potential of the program to develop outstanding innovation and teamwork skills. Many of the teacher managers are seeing ways they can incorporate aspects of the program into their everyday classroom practice. The students are recognizing the importance of teamwork and how the program has helped them develop their confidence. Appraisers saw the connections, how Destination ImagiNation can develop the “real world” skills that our 21st Century Learners will need. As promised, I have compiled my top ten list of things I learned at the tournament and I would like to share that now.
10. Not everyone loves Justin Beiber.
9. Fridays at the college are busy.
8. We need more than one registration table.
7. Crazy hats lighten the mood.
6. Tournaments are emotional.
5. Pressure can pull teams apart.
4. Pressure can pull teams together.
3. There is a lot of learning in watching other teams.
2. It’s impossible to guess at what a student may or may not be getting out of the experience.
1. Watching students share their talents can make you so PROUD…especially when you know the journey they were on to get to this place.


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