Einstein Said…

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I came across this quote last week and shared it with my students. Why would imagination be more important than knowledge? I asked them. In Richard Louv’s book, The Nature Principle” he writes that creative genius is not the accumulation of knowledge; it is the ability to see patterns in the universe, to detect hidden links between what is and what could be. Being out in nature helps us to do this. He also goes on to name a few of the “geniuses” who began their day with a walk through the woods: Henry David Thoreau, Albert Einstein, Kurt Godel… apparently it’s not just that nature sharpens our mental acuity by engaging all of our senses, but also that it puts our brain in a relaxed, positive state that allows for some of those eureka moments.

My eureka moment came a few pages later where I was introduced to “loose parts theory”…which for educators means: the more loose parts the more creative the play. Nature…whether it’s a field, a ravine or a vacant lot…offers us the most loose parts, but also a chance to see how all of those loose parts are connected to a much larger pattern of things. Gives a person lots of things to think about…Destination ImagiNation challenges are full of loose parts…maybe we’ll do some of our instant challenges outside this week…


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