The Gift

Last week I shared this video with some of my students and told them that the biggest lesson I learned from my children was just how much my parents loved me.  Until they were born I had no conception of what it meant to be a parent; to drag yourself out of bed in the middle of the night when you were exhausted to feed and comfort a crying baby, to worry as they took their first steps and over time grew more and more independent and to hurt when they hurt. Beyond learning about the love that has guided me through the world, there have been many other lessons, not only from my own children, but from the many children I have had the opportunity to teach. You’d think by now I’d be very wise!

A couple of weeks ago, one student told me he’d come across a site on the internet where the following question was posed: What if the world didn’t exist before you were born? An interesting thought but one which he said could be problematic “if you think too much about it.” Well I have thought about it and it was in a conversation about Eckhardt Tolle with a friend that I realized why I liked the question so much.

“in space consciousness there is no future and no past. There is only the present, and it is always free. This is what the Buddhists call “emptiness” and Jesus calls “the fullness of life.” It is the same thing, or rather no-thing. Because it is an opening into the vertical dimension, which has no limit, the present is never confining or fraught with problems. Problems need time, that is to say past and future, to survive.” Eckhart Tolle

So maybe the Christmas present, is really about being in the present, letting go of what needs to be let go and moving into the new year without the burden of the past. Scrooge did it and with the mindful celebration of the present, was able to free himself from the worry of a dreary future.  The best  “present” of all.  Thank-you to my student for the interesting question and happy holidays to all! May you find many gifts in each moment you share with your families!


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