Globals Finals: In a Canadian Nutshell

Last year at this time I was getting ready to take a group of four teenage girls to the Destination ImagiNation (DI) Global Finals in Knoxville TN. If you are not familiar with DI you can learn more about this creative problem solving program at It is one of the more popular options that students who are involved in the gifted program can choose to be involved in. I love the program because of the way it helps my students learn creative and collaborative ways to unite their strengths in unique ways while overcoming the “things that didn’t work” and practicing flexibility. This can be a challenge for gifted kids! Anyway, if you want to know what going to an international tournament with more than 1400 teams from around the world is like, I think Kara, one of the girls on my team describes it pretty well here:

Hamster balls for humans
A life size game of chess
People from around the world
In homemade duct-tape dress.

Trading pin phenomenons
A group of mimes passing by
Something this diverse
Could only be DI.

Late night flights and Starbucks runs
Flights that were canceled too
3 am awake in an airport
Rihanna’s blaring – no sleep for you!

Catching forty winks in a rental car
Rushing to Knoxville, Tennessee
Trying to make it on time for your challenge
That afternoon at three.

Finally performing your challenge
Having your whole set fall down
Saying something about home renovations
While trying not to look like a clown.

Discovering just how Canadian you are
When under pressure you keep saying ‘eh’
Having sticky tape in your materials list
But using an envelope flap anyway.

Being the only team who built paper towers
or popped helium balloons on stage
Using hashtags as your comic strip captions

The hunt for the heart-eye emoji pin
Or the elusive Doctor Who
What Does the Fox Play? Maybe it’s drums
Or Alberta’s guitar in green or blue.

Rollercoasters in Dollywood
Going backwards and upside down
Pounding bass at a teen party
While the adults left town.

And then suddenly the closing ceremonies
Already we’re flying home
No cancelled flights on the return trip-
Just disappointing cold.

Have a great time all you teams heading off to Globals!


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