About Gift-Ed Connections

This page was designed as a place to share information with parents and lead teachers who are involved with the Gifted Education Program in the Grande Prairie Public School District. While we have spent considerable time identifying which of our students need support from the gifted program, the needs within this group of students are still diverse and the process of supporting them complex. This is the place where we can share information and links that will help us to understand this wonderful group of students we have the privilege of working with…and perhaps a whole bunch of other things as well!


One response to “About Gift-Ed Connections

  1. Thanks for starting this Susan! It is indeed a complex issue. A question I often have in my mind after we work together is: why aren’t we using the same techniques and principles we have for gifted students with every one of our students? I share your belief that all students have unique and interesting gifts, and getting them to understand and use those gifts well is the mission of every teacher. We still seem to struggle in our current system when certain kids don’t fit into our narrow conception of what it means to be successful and well-educated. Let’s keep this conversation going!!!

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